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Our Mission

To provide you with all the bits you need to relive your own gaming golden age.

At Arcade Mania Online, we come to work every day because we love games – and we want to share the love. The growth of retro video gaming has been staggering over the past decade. Gamers around the world fondly remember their first high score, the beautiful simplicity of those classic games, and the adrenaline pumping music and sound effects. Many gamers have attempted to re-experience that golden age by downloading emulators or buying licensed versions from their consoles digital store. Sadly, this fails to recreate that unique arcade experience we all love and remember.

About Arcade Mania Online

We are the UK’s leading company for all your Arcade Machine and arcade parts requirements

Arcade Mania Online was initially by two guys who had a passion for retro gaming and wanted to make great arcade machines. Over the years, we’ve seen an massive increase in retro-gaming interest and as a result our increased customer demand for custom build arcade machines has grown too.  Due to continued growth we became a limited company in Jun 2016 and have continued to grow ever since.

We specialist in offering a total solution for all of your Arcade Machine requirements which includes custom building, repair and maintenance of arcade machines.  We build customised full Arcade Machines with Stands that are tailor made to your requirements. Users can select everything from the button and joystick types, colours, trim colours, artwork and more.  Our specialities are our custom bartop arcade machine and stands products – these are ideal for the home, office, man cave or lady attic.

In addition, all individual equipment sold is in-line with the same equipment we use for constructing customised arcade machine orders; we only stock equipment that we use ourselves.

Our passion for retro gaming and our work ethic is second to none, meaning that all of our customers end up happy and satisfied they have the very best products available on the market today.


Name: Aamir

Favourite Game: Street Fighter
Favourite Console: Arcade Classics
Best Achievement: MD of Arcade Mania


Name: Nayim

Favourite Game: Double Dragon
Favourite Console: NES
Best Achievement: Top 100 in COD


Name: Kaz

Favourite Game: Call of Duty: Warzone & Street Fighter
Favourite Console: Arcade Machines
Best Achievement: Top 5 in COD


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